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This week, Pastor Mike preaches on the significance of oil and being a light in the world.

As we’ve been singing Raise A Hallelujah in worship, this week, Pastor Dave reflects on this song as a battle cry and shares about the importance of worship, that it is a weapon in the midst of the battle.

This Week, Pastor Mike preaches on what we carry. Like jars of clay, it’s what’s inside that makes it valuable.

This week for Easter Sunday, Pastor Dave talks about the privileges of following Jesus, so that we can fully embrace life.

This week Pastor Mike preaches on three Gardens that appear in Scripture and their connections; the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Garden Tomb.

This week, Pastor Mike teaches on the phrase “the blood of the Lamb.” We often sing about this idea, but what does it really mean? He takes us through the history of the Israelites in the book of Exodus and the story where we get this idea of the lamb from.

This week, Sheri shares on Mother’s Day. We often hear of God the Father, but God also loves us the way a mother does.

This week, Pastor Mike teaches on certain things that could be hindering your prayers. Are there certain things that will cause God to not listen?

Pastor Mike teaches from Psalm 34 a fine message challenging and encouraging us to understand what David discovered about the assurance of the continual presence of God in his life and how we too can experience this wonderful understanding of the eyes of the Lord being continually on us.

Pastor Mike preached a challenging message to all who are listening whether you have already made a decision to be a Christian or are still asking questions this message brings everyone to the place where they realise that every part of our lives is recorded and we will be required to give our response.

Pastor Mike takes us to Acts 16 where he ministered on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Clearly showing that there are times when God closes doors on our journey in order for us to get to the open door that will lead us further into the purpose of God. He brought an amazing fact that in this story we see how God directed Paul and the others in a way that deliberately opened up the Gospel into Europe and how the whole of history was affected by that opportunity. He encouraged us to realise that God the Holy Spirit opens and closes doors and that we should rely more and more on His leading in our lives.

Pastor Steve uses the Valentine’s week to focus our attention on what real love is all about. He uses some amazing scriptures to help us understand how God’s love operates within those who are willing to allow Him to work in them.

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