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This week, Pastor Dave finishes his series on “Unshakeable” by talking about unshakeable commitment to Jesus. We need to be committed to discipline, mission, and the Great Commission.

This week for Father’s Day, Pastor Dave talks about Unshakeable Men, and what that means; to be a man of integrity, of good character, of high standards, men who know how to lead by example, who keep their commitments, who know how to treat others with respect and honour, and men who take care of people around them.

This week, we say goodbye to Pastor Mike and Sheri. On their last week, he shares on trusting the process even when we don’t know what’s next.

This week, guest speaker Ashley from Desert Springs Church in Arizona, speaks on going out. As Christians, we are commanded to go and that often takes us out of our comfort zone.

This week, Pastor Mike preaches on the significance of oil and being a light in the world.

As we’ve been singing Raise A Hallelujah in worship, this week, Pastor Dave reflects on this song as a battle cry and shares about the importance of worship, that it is a weapon in the midst of the battle.

This Week, Pastor Mike preaches on what we carry. Like jars of clay, it’s what’s inside that makes it valuable.

This week for Easter Sunday, Pastor Dave talks about the privileges of following Jesus, so that we can fully embrace life.

This week Pastor Mike preaches on three Gardens that appear in Scripture and their connections; the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Garden Tomb.

This week, Pastor Mike teaches on the phrase “the blood of the Lamb.” We often sing about this idea, but what does it really mean? He takes us through the history of the Israelites in the book of Exodus and the story where we get this idea of the lamb from.

This week, Sheri shares on Mother’s Day. We often hear of God the Father, but God also loves us the way a mother does.

This week, Pastor Mike teaches on certain things that could be hindering your prayers. Are there certain things that will cause God to not listen?

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