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Pastor Dave shares the painful truth that Jesus death on the cross was the centre of God’s plan, and although it seems to make no sense to us it is the only way for mankind to receive salvation. In the same way many times in our lives there seems to be no sense to what … Continue reading Easter Sunday 2017

Pastor Steve Aiken shares the Palm Sunday entry and Journey to the Cross showing how it was not a mistake or unexpected event but part of the plan of Jesus to bring Salvation and healing to the world.

Pastor Dave starts a new series as we journey towards Easter exploring the impact of the message of the Cross.

Today Molly Ritchie one of our retired Pastor’s wife shares the story of the Shunamite Woman in 2 Kings 8 challenging us to recognise tat even in the midst of intense agony God can provide miracles

Continuing the theme of Miracles in the Bible Pastor Dave asks the question “When do miracles happen”? and gives three points to answer the question.

Pastor Dave continues this months theme of miracles in the Bible inspiring us to come to Jesus with worship and faith in our hearts.

This week we had missionaries visiting from Thailand. they shared a testimony and their passion to help disadvantaged children to be restored. Pastor Dave then started the new series on miracles starting with the miracle of Bridge Family Church.

Pastor Margot brought this series to a satisfactory conclusion challenging and encouraging us to Love God above all else and particularly to giving our whole lives over to God.

Pastor Dave shares from Proverbs Chapter 6 and takes a look at the 6 things God “HATES”… No, the 7 things He loathes. Thank God He sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help us overcome.

Pastor Dave Goldschmidt continues the theme of things we are not to love – this week Money. learning how giving can be a joy and not a chore.

Do not love the world.  This week Pastor Dave challenges us from 1 John and the effects “Loving the World” has on our relationship and connection to God.

Continuing the theme When God’s People Pray Pastor Steve Ritchie challenges the congregation to ‘Take a Risk’!

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