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Pastor Margot brought this series to a satisfactory conclusion challenging and encouraging us to Love God above all else and particularly to giving our whole lives over to God.

Pastor Dave shares from Proverbs Chapter 6 and takes a look at the 6 things God “HATES”… No, the 7 things He loathes. Thank God He sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help us overcome.

Pastor Dave Goldschmidt continues the theme of things we are not to love – this week Money. learning how giving can be a joy and not a chore.

Do not love the world.  This week Pastor Dave challenges us from 1 John and the effects “Loving the World” has on our relationship and connection to God.

Continuing the theme When God’s People Pray Pastor Steve Ritchie challenges the congregation to ‘Take a Risk’!

We continue to be challenged as Pastor Dave Goldschmidt brings the message on week 3 of this great series. Be Persistent

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