Get Moving Week 4

Pastor Dave concludes the 4-5 week topic of getting moving using the amazing story of Jesus healing the blind man on the sabbath day and in spite of the interrogation by the religious authorities he was adamant that Jesus had brought healing, and new life to this him. Pastor Dave encourages us to realise that we are or were all spiritually blind to the love and power of God and that we need to ask God to remove the blindfolds from our spiritual eyes. Finally he encourages us to realise that we all have a story to tell and that like the blind man who was uneducated and poor and said I don’t know much about anything even about this man who healed me but one thing i know once i was blind but now i can see, Pastor Dave challenges us we don’t know everything but we know that God has intervened in our lives and we are different let’s share our story.
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